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Character Items
Bonzo Disney Muppets Warner Brothers Miscellaneous
  • Bonzo                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    SOLDBonzo with Hat (Gold Flash)
    This wonderful Bonzo type dog is standing next to a yellow top hat. This type of piece was often made into a pincushion or used for toothpicks or stick matches. He is porcelain, vintage 1930's - 40's and in perfect condition. The dog itself has an iridescent gold flash glaze. There is a little glaze wear on the back…or maybe it was made that way. This piece is 4 ¼" tall. On the bottom it is marked "Made in Japan".
    $38.00 $5.25
  • Disney                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    THIS IS THE MICKEY MOUSE TELEPHONE FROM 1976. MADE BY AT&T WESTER ELECTRIC. IT IS ONE OF THE FIRST CHARACTER PHONES MADE and IS A PUSH BUTTON PHONE. IT IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION AND WORKS WELL. IT STANDS 15" TALL WITH A BASE THAT MEASURES 8 1/2" SQUARE. IT IS VERY SOLID AND WEIGHS ALMOST 4 1/2 POUNDS BEFORE PACKING. There are no chips or cracks. The coiled wire has dirt. It is a standard wire so easily replace but, this is the original wire so I didn't change it. To be very picky the hand holding the receiver is slightly yellowed from age.SURE TO MAKE YOU SMILE EVERY TIME YOU GET OR MAKE A CALL.
    $75.00 $25.00
    Vintage LORUS Quartz MICKEY MOUSE WRISTWATCH- V827-049R Movement Japan
    This is a used LORUS QUARTZ Mickey Mouse Wristwatch. Works but, needs a new battery. The crystal is cracked and watch shows wear especilly on the back of the watch. The fold over clasp works. The wrist watch has a silver & gold tone adjustable band, stainless steel back, water resistent. The face of the watch measures 7/8" in diameter.
    $35.00 $6.00
    Probably 1940's vintage, this piece has a celluloid tiny Mickey figure attached. Has advertising on one side. In very good condition and six inches long.
    $8.95 $5.00
    Has copyright Walt Disney Productions marked and includes Pluto, Mickey, and Minnie with a western theme. Three and a half inches tall and in good used condition.
    $10.99 $5.00
    Has colorful images of Mickey inside top cover and on outside top cover. Turntable works and amplifier is good and the cartridge is good. Missing the needle. Made in Canada, the model number is 990. In good condition, could use some cleaning.
    $25.00 $12.00
    Donald, Pluto, and Mickey are all part of this colorful unit that is six by five inches. It works. Has general wear, some paint loss on the characters. Carry cord has wear.
    $12.00 $7.00
    Press the button on each side and see Mickey do his acrobatics, doing flips and spins. In good condition and working. Made by Gabriel Products in 1977.
    $14.00 $5.95
    Mickey Mouse Radio
    This is a Mickey Mouse radio. This radio is 3" square. It is marked Made in China and is copyrighted the Walt Disney Company. It is in very good used condition and works.
    $25.00 $5.00
    Mickey Mouse Figure
    This is a hard plastic Mickey Mouse Figurine. It is unmarked so I am unsure of the age, but he looks like a 1950’s - 60’s Mickey to me. He is 4" tall and in very good condition with just some wear.
    $28.00 $4.50
    Mickey and Minnie Snow Dome
    This is a great old plastic snow dome. Mickey and Minnie have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It is 3 ¼" tall and in perfect condition with just some light yellowing to the white base. The bottom is marked "Made in Hong Kong" and "Copyright Walt Diseny Productions". I believe this piece is from the early 1960’s based on the copyright and the made in Hong Kong marking. This is a wonderful vintage piece to add to your collection.
    $35.00 $4.75
    Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Hand Made Pillow
    This is a fabulous Pillow that looks to be 1950’s or 1960’s vintage. It measures about 13" x 11". The fabric is thickly woven and in very good condition. The dancing figures of Mickey and Minnie are raised like a fine hooked rug type of work or chenille. This is a truly charming piece of American craft work. Condition is very good to excellent, no dirt stains or damage. The fabric is supple and not faded. You can really enjoy this piece. I have the mate to this pillow with a Terrier Dog on my Animals Cats & Dogs page.
    $35.00 $5.25
    Made in China in the nineties, this was never removed from the box. Operates on batteries and has adjustable fan vents. Untested, so as not to open box.
    $14.50 $6.50
    From 2004. Sold originally for $8.00. Mint in unopened package that stands twelve inches tall.
    $5.50 $4.99
    This vintage cardboard and metal piece is nine inches long and works well. Hold up to light and see colorful shapes and images while turning. Excellent Disney graphic (50's vintage). Has one narrow graphic area missing that measures three inches long, otherwise in very good condition.
    $39.00 $7.00
    Pull the string and watch the dog rise and collapse again. Ten inches long in wood and in good used condition, this is an old piece. There is a hole where his nose piece was, but the delicate ears are still intact. String on pull ring is intact and a few strands need to be re-attached to the ring with some string and it will work fine.
    $30.00 $6.00
    Child's watch is tiny and has clean graphics. Metal expanding band is too small to be worn. Believed to be made by US Time. Not Working.
    $29.00 $6.95
    Bambi Dark Green Planter
    This is a vintage 1940's-50's ceramic planter. It is marked USA on the back and measures 8" across and 5 1/4" tall. It is in perfect condition.
    $40.00 $7.50
    Thumper Planter
    Here is a wonderful 1940's vintage Thumper planter. It is in perfect condition. It is 6 3/4" tall and 7" across. On the bottom it is marked "Copyrighted Walt Disney Thumper".
    $65.00 $6.50
    Disney Peter Pan Flicker Post Card
    This is a beautiful Peter Pan Flicker 3-D Post Card. Move the card side to side and Peter appears to be flying. This card is unused and is copyrighted 1961. The back is marked "Authorized Walt Disney Licensee, W.C. Jones Publishing Company..." The colors are bright and beautiful and the condition is good to very good with light wear.
    $14.99 $3.50
    This is a very hard to find snow dome, copyrighted Walt Disney Productions and marked Made in Hong Kong. I estimate the vintage as 1960's. The figure is in good condition, the ball appears to have a fine crack and is low on water. It measures 5" tall by 5" wide (foot to foot).
    $35.99 $10.00
  • Muppets                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    Baby Kermit made for MacDonald’s
    This cute baby is in near mint condition. He is dressed for Christmas in a removable Santa hat and plaid vest. He has the hang tag and tushie tag. He is dated 1988 and is 7 inches tall.
    9.00 4.75
    Big Bird Full Figure Radio
    This is a neat full figural big Bird Radio. He is 7 ½" tall, made in China and is perfect except that the back of the base is slightly yellowed. He is an AM FM radio with the dials on the sides of the base.
    $50.00 $14.00
    Big Bird, Muppets Head Radio
    This is a wonderful Big Bird Radio, put out by Radio Shack in the 1980’s. It is in very good to excellent condition and stands 5 ½" tall.
    $20.00 $4.75
  • Warner Brothers                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    2006, HALLMARK Looney Tunes Speedy Gonzales
    This is a wonderful ornament especially for WB or Looney Tunes collectors. It was made in 2006. It is perfect and comes MINT in original box with packing. The original price was $12.50.
    $7.99 $5.25
    From the Looney Tunes series, cartoon character Taz has made a snowman. 2006 and mint in the box. Originally $15.00.
    $8.99 $5.25
    Hang your clothes on the red hook and Bugs will speak to you via this 1978 Janex piece made in Hong Kong. It is ten inches in height and has general wear and some scratches and is in just okayish condition.Needs some cleaning. It works.
    $18.00 $7.00
    Swiss made Bugs watch has original grey band. Working and has clean graphics. A nice one!
    $85.00 $7.00
    Copyright 1989, this is mint in never opened package with original batteries. Made in Taiwan, Bugs has eyes that blink on and off.
    $15.00 $5.00
    Porky Pig Planter
    You will love this vintage 1940's Porky Pig Planter. He is " tall and in perfect condition. There are some tiny black specks in the glass from dirt getting in the kiln during the fireing.
    $30.00 $5.95
  • Miscellaneous                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    SOLD Annie Motion Lamp in the Box
    This is a wonderful lamp, copyrighted 1981. This lamp has a red plastic base and beautiful shade with Annie, Daddy Warbucks, and Sandy on it. This lamp is 12 inches tall and all perfect and working. It was not produced for long and therefore it is difficult to find, especially in the box and in such perfect condition. The heat generated by the light bulb makes the shade spin around.
    $95.00 $12.95
    Vintage Howdy Doody Time Teacher
    This is a great vintage piece...I remember watching Howdy, do you? this piece measures 18" x 10" and is still sealed in the original plastic wrap. It is marked copy right Broadcasting Co. Inc. on the plastic wrap and the board. The wrap is also marked Time Teacher a Product from the A.H. Schwab Co. Instructions for telling time are on the bottom edge of the board and the hands of the clock are plastic and riveted into the board. Condition is very good to excellent with just some light yellowing on the back of the board.
    $35.00 $8.00
    Dick Tracy Salt and Pepper Shakers
    This is an old and interesting pair of chalk Salt and Pepper shakers... Dicy Tracy and Junior. They are vintage 1920's-30's. They are about 3" tall, in poor condition and hand painted. They are unmarked..
    $50.00 $5.95
    Ten inches long. This ad is from the nineties. Condition is very good with light marks from the original glue on the back.
    $4.50 $3.00
    Made in 1989, this is in excellent condition (minor excess glaze on bottom). May have the original box, which will be included if found.
    $10.99 $5.95
    Cute car shape with the two famous characters riding inside. Measures just under three inches long. It has been removed from package and has some tape on it. Sold as not working, as battery was not meant to be removed. Made by Turner Entertainment Company.
    $5.00 $4.00
    Betty Boop Tray, sealed in origial plastic wrap
    This is a wonderful snack ready to use with small legs that make it perfect for eating in bed or in a good sized chair. The tray measures 17" x 12 1/2" with a colorful Betty Boop graphic. It is still sealed in the original plastic wrap with s lable on the back that beqrs a 2006 copyright to Ritx Productions. This item is MINT.
    $30.00 $10.99
    Enesco Kewpiegrams A Special Mom, Rose O'Neill Kewpie Figurine , MINT in Box
    This porcelain Kewpie was made in 1993 and is retired. It is mint in the original box. It is 2 1/2" tall and perfect.
    $15.00 $5.75
    Shrek 2 Wrist Watch 2004 (Orange Face)
    This is a Mint Shrek 2 wrist watch. It was never used and is in perfect condition.
    $10.00 $4.00
    Archie Juice Glass
    This juice glass has the characters from the Archie comic book on it. The caption in red reads "Reggie makes the scene". The glass is 4" tall. Condition is fair because it has scratches inside the glass. The picture is in very good condition.
    $5.00 $3.50
    Bobby Benson Cereal Bowl
    Here is a wonderful piece of cowboy memorabilia. This 1940-50’s piece is 6 ½" across. It is in good condition with some light wear on the bottom and a few flea bite nicks on the inner edge. Inside the decal is very good. It reads "Howdy Pard!, Bobby Benson, H-O RANGER".
    $45.00 $5.00
    Polly & Aunt Lily Glass (Bobby Benson)
    This is a hard to find juice glass from the Bobby Benson series. it is 4 1/2" tall and in perfect condition. Around the bottom edge it reads "Polly & Aunt Lily...H-O Ranger".
    $28.00 $5.00
    Raggedy Ann Planter
    This is a cute 1950's-60's vintage planter. It is 6 1/2" tall and in perfect condition. The red cold paint on her hair looks like it may have been touched up...but, it looks good. It has a made in Japan paper label and is numbered 4149X. This will be a wonderful addition to your collection.
    $19.99 $6.50
    Raggedy Andy Planter
    This is a cute 1950's-60's vintage planter. It is 6 1/2" tall and in perfect condition. It has a Rubins Oiginals made in Japan paper label and is numbered 4149. This will be a wonderful addition to your collection.
    $19.99 $6.50
    Hold Raggedy Ann Goody Jar MIB
    This is a cute piece made in 2002. It is 6" tall and in perfect condition New in the box. On the box it is marked as a Goody Jar. The hair lifts off to open the jar. It would make a great sugar bowl or even a nice dresser box. This will be a wonderful addition to your collection.
    $12.00 $6.50
    HoldShirley Temple Creamer
    I have two of these Shirley Temple creamers. I guarantee they are original vintage pieces. They stand 4 ½" tall and are perfect with excellent decal images.
    $58.00 $5.00
    SoldShirley Temple Mug
    I have two of these Shirley Temple cups. I guarantee they are original vintage pieces. They stand 3 ¾" tall and are perfect with excellent decal images.
    $58.00 $5.00
    In excellent condition with original red band. This is a wind up atch and it does work but runs slow.I suspect it needs a good cleaning. Marked Marcel and made in Hong Kong.
    $98.00 $7.00