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Souvenir Items
Cruise Lines & Ships China Glass Metal Worlds Fair ' Miscellaneous
  • Cruise Lines & Ships                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    Kungsholm Stick Pin
    This is a beautiful enameled stick pin of a ship. The pin is about 2" long and the ship is almost 1 1/2" long. Except for one tiny nick in the blue enamel at the bottom edge, this piece is perfect. There is writing on the back but, I can't read it.
    $28.00 $3.50
    Swedish America Line Glass Dish
    This small square glass dish has the three crown logo and says "Swedish American Line". It is 2 3/4" square and in perfect condition. There is a straw mark in the center of this piece.
    $18.00 $4.50
    Cunard Princess Floaty Key Chain
    Here is a nice key chain souvenir from the Cunard Princess. It has a scene with a floating boat that moves in the little tube. Condition is very good to excellent. It looks like it has never been used.
    $12.00 $3.50
    Royal Caribbean Pen with Floaty Ship
    This is a Royal Caribbean Sovereign of the Seas Pen with Floating Ship. Condition is good with light wear and three hair lines at the tip of the pen.
    $10.00 $3.50
    Sold Peter Styvestant Jewel Box
    This is a fantastic silver plated peweter jewel box. Vintage is early 1900's. It is 3'' tall and 3'' across. It still has the original blue silk lining inside. Condition is very good...of course the silver plating is worn. The top is hinged and has a medalion with the ships image on it and reads "Steamer Peter Styvestant". The "esant" letters are some what worn.
    $65.00 $6.50
    U.S.S. Soley 1954 Ashtray
    This is an ashtray from the Soley's 1954 world cruise. It is about 7" across, white porcelain, and perfect.
    $45.00 $6.00
  • China                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    1950-60's Vintage Flamingo Florida Salad Set MIB
    This is a Vintage 1950-60's Flamingo Florida Salad Set mint in the box. This set is in perfect condition.
    $27.00 7.00
    Miniature Dragon Ware Creamer Souviner od Las Vegas
    This vintage porcelain 1940's - 50's creamer is in perfect condition. It is unmarked but Dragon Ware was made in Japan. This piece is almost 2 1/2" tall and hand painted
    $14.00 $6.95
    IOWA Hawkeye State Souviner Plate
    This lovely vintage 1950-60's 7 inch plate. It is perfect, colorful and fun.
    $8.00 $6.95
    1950's Valley Forge, Pa. Cannon and Cannon Balls Salt and Pepper Shakers
    This is a cute pair of cramic salt and pepper shakers. They are unmarked. They are 1950's vintage. The front of the cannon has a decale that reads "Souvenir of Valley Forge, Pa. They are 1 1/2" tall and perfect.
    $20 .00 $6.00
    Canada, Pin Cushion Shoe
    This is a fine porcelain pin cushion shoe that is a souvenir of Canada. It is 2 1/4" high and 4" long and in perfect condition. There is a Canadian Mountie pictured on the front.
    $12.00 $4.50
    Florida Dog Pin Dish
    This piece is just too cute. The dog is looking for his lost ball under a pink panty. This piece can be used as a pin dish or can stand up as a figurine with the dog as the base. This piece is 5" across and has a couple very tiny flea bite nicks on the glaze. In the center of the dish it says "Lost My Ball Florida".
    $12.00 $4.75
    This is vintage 1960's porcelain tooth pick holder 1 3/4" tall. It is perfect, looks great, and is unmarked.
    $5.99 $4.99
    These vintage 1950's Japanese ceramic salt and peppers are 3" tall. They are perfect and are marked Japan on the bottom.
    $8.99 $5.50
    Fish Salt and Pepper Shakers (Hawaii)
    These whimsical fish fit into a base that says "Hawaii". They are ceramic, overall size is 6" x 4", and they are marked Treasure Craft USA.
    $15.00 $4.75
    Heidelberg Heraldic Vase
    This porcelain vase is 3 " tall and perfect. It even has the original paper label on the neck.
    $12.00 $4.50
  • Glass                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    1969 1st Moon Landing Milk Glass Dish
    This is a souvenier dish of the 1st Moon Landing. It shows the Apollo 11 lunar Module and is dated 1969. On the back is a brief history you can read in my photo. This piece is 5 1/2" square and in perfect condition.
    $15.00 $5.95
    Amber Fenton Glass Bell 1983
    Here is a lovely Daisey and Button Fenton Glass Bell. It is 6" tall. It is in perfect condition and has the fenton paper lable and is marked inside Hawaii 1983.
    $23.00 $6.95
    Mount Vernon, Va., Snow Dome
    This is a wonderful 1940s-50s snow dome. It is a glass ball with a black Bakelite base. It is 4 tall. There is no marking on this piece. Condition is very good to excellent condition even the decal is perfect. The picture inside the dome has wonderful color.
    $50.00 $6.00
    Niagara Falls Canada, Snow Dome
    Here is a wonderful sea shell based snow dome. It is 3 tall and in very good to excellent condition. Just the blue paint on the back of the glass dome is worn. The scene inside the dome is in relief and has beautiful color and detail. It is a very nice depiction of the Maid of the Mist ship at the falls.
    $50.00 $6.00
    NAWCC Glass Ash Tray
    This is a souvenier ash tray for the 1977 Chicago National Clock Association Convention. It is has two very tiny chips on the edge and is almost 4 inches square.
    $19.00 $4.75
  • Metal                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    HOLDPewter Spoon with Lincoln's Portait
    Here is a wonderful cast pewter souvenir spoon with Lincoln's head at the top. On the handle it says "LAND OF LINCOLN" and the bowl of the spoon has an outline of the state of Ill. and reads "chicago Illinois springfield". The back has he copyright symbol and FORT marked on it. It measures 4" long and is in perfect condition. I believe this is a 1970's vintage spoon.
    $9.00 $5.00
    Sold Apollo 11 1996 Souvenir Spoon
    This spoon is Silver plated and in its original display box. It shows the moon landing and was made in Holland. It is 4 1/2" long and in perfect condition.
    $18.00 $3.75
    Hawaii Spoon
    This spoon is a gold tone demitass size. It is 5" long and in perfect condition. The top of the spoon has a hand painted violet orchid on it and the handle reads "Aloha, Hawaii". On the back of the orchid it says "Cataliva Orchid".
    $12.00 $4.75
    Hula Girl Can/Bottle Opener MIB
    This is a great souvenir item...a hula girl bottle and can opener. It is still new in the box in perfect conditin. She has a very bright gold finish which made her very difficult to photograph, and a fringe skirt. She is 4 1/2" long and surprisingly heavy and well made.
    $9.99 $5.50
    Uses real vintage coins from Mexico (1950's to 1970's) that are bent and shaped, including three for feet and three for cigarette holders. Four inches in diameter. Actual date made is unknown, but probably at least twenty years old and in very good condition.
    $9.99 $5.25
    The Bellevue Stratford Dish
    This pot metal dish was probably originally silver platted but, the platting is worn. It is captioned "The Bellevue Stratford" and shows the hotel in relief. It is 3" x 2 1/2" and marked Made in Japan on the back.
    $18.00 $4.95
    N.Y. Statue of Liberty Dish
    This is a lovely old piece. In each of its three seactions it has a N.Y. monument, The statue of Librerty,
    $18.00 $4.50
  • World's Fair                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    Approximately twelve inches square, this has lovely color embroidery of the fair logo at corner edge. In very good condition this hanky was never used. Often this type of hanky was sent as a gift to a sweetheart or Mother or to a child.
    $19.00 $4.95
    Sold1939 Worlds Fair Ring
    This is a ring from the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. The image is under a dome shaped glass and the ring is a brass or bronze material. The ring is adjustable and in very good to excellent condition.
    $28.00 $4.95
    1940 N.Y. Worlds Fair Medalion
    This is a brass medalion dated 1940 from the New York Worlds Fair. It is marked etched products on the bottom edge and on the back For Peace and Freedom George Washington. It is about 1 1/4" in diamiter.
    $28.00 $4.95
    1960's View Master with 1964-5 World's Fair Reel
    This is a brown plastic View Master vintage 1960's. It is perfect and works. It comes with "Reel Three New York World's Fair 1964-5 Night Scenes and Amusement Area".The reel is in good used condition.Views are all clearly viewable and 3-D.
    $35.00 $6.50
  • Miscellaneous                                                            
  • Click photo to enlarge. *All prices and shipping are in US Currency
    Photo Title/Description Price Shipping
    1950s Wildwood New Jersey NJ Souvenire Souvenir Tray Amusement Park Ferris Wheel
    This is a great vintage 1950's Wildwood New Jersey plastic tray. It has a beautiful scalloped edge and an image of the famous amusement park & Ferris wheel. It is perfect ... no cracks or chips ... just some wear to the silver paint on the edge. It measures about 13 1/2 inches across.
    $29.00 $9.00
    About two and a half inches tall, you press the base and look into rear slot to see multiple color photos of Wildwood pass by, including a lighthouse and the boardwalk. Probably fifties vintage, it is in very good condition and works.
    $20.99 $4.50
    Wildwood New Jersey Tray
    This is a wonderful piece for those of you with "Wildwood Days" memories. The ferris wheel so prominent on this piece is no longer there so I estimate the vintage of this tray as 1950s to early 1960s. It is 14 inches across, made of a plastic type composition, and has a Japan paper label on the back. It is in excellent condition with just a little wear on the silver boarder.
    $28.99 $9.00
    N.Y Statue of Liberty Cigarette Box and Ashtray
    This is a vintage 1940's"SyrocoWood" or pressed wood ashtray and cigarette Box. It has a great N.Y. City theme including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Rockafeller Center. Condition is good woth some wear. There is a glass dish to fit in the ash tray section.
    $35.00 $7.00
    Hawaiian Wooden Double Perfume
    This is a delightful 1950's hand carved wooden perfume bottle. It is 4 1/4" tall and in perfect condition. Each bottle has a label, "Ipo, Simulates Ginger-Lei, Distributed by Hula-Lei Products, Honalulu, Hawaii Cont. 1/8 oz.". This is a light clored wood and may be Monkey Pod wood.
    $95.00 $9.99
    Hawaiian Wooden Angel Fish Perfume
    This is an stunning 8"tall vintage 1930's-40's perfume bottle. It is in perfect condition and marked on the bottom "Design Patent No. D-136,592 Hand Carved Milo Wood". (This bottle does not have its labels which would have read "Tropic Kiss, Rememberance of Pikake, Bottled by John A. Oya & Co., Honalulu, T. H., Contents 1/4 Fluid Oz. or 2 Drams".) I know this because I have the identical bottle with thie labels.
    $185.00 $9.99
    These vintage 1960's Hand carved wooden salt and peppers are 6" tall and 4" wide. They are perfect & look great. They do need stoppers or corks.
    $15.99 $6.50
    Square Clear Rose Carved Lucite Paper Weight and Light Catcher "Hawaii"
    This is a delightful vintage 1960's piece. It is a wonderful clear lucite 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" block with a hand carved rose pattern and the word "Hawaii" on it. This piece is in pefect condition with light wear.
    $16.99 $5.25
    This is a rare and desirable salt and pepper set. Three and a half inches long, the two plastic humps are the salt and pepper shakers. Very good condition and neat, vintage piece with decal that reads "Souvenir of Birmingham Alabama". Decal is a bit chipped.
    $18.00 $6.00
    These plastic salt and peppers are 3 1/2 inches tall. They are shaped like a lighthouse and have a compass in the ship's wheel at the top of each shaker. They are complete with paper views of the steel pier (before the fire) and Convention Hall (before it was replaced); and they have the original stopper bottoms. The bottoms are marked "ENCO INC. NYC". Condition is fair the one with the Steel Pier missing one spoke of the ship's wheel. Probably 1950's vintage.
    $9.99 $5.00
    About nine inches in size, shaped like a key. In good shape with some wear of chromed finish on upper left. Has paper calendar on bottom. Guessing it to be a sixties-seventies item. Working.
    $15.00 $4.95
    Eight inches tall and in nice condition and works. From the fifties, this has a nice color photo of the falls.
    $12.00 $6.00
    Box has a tear, but the unit is in very good condition and works. About ten inches tall and can be hung. Has photo at bottom of Hudson River Day Line ship. This is vintage 1950's-60's.
    $15.00 $4.95
    Souvenir from Arkansas, this working thermometer is key shaped and in good condition. Nine inches in size with some light wear on gold finish. Guessing it to be a sixties-seventies item.
    $12.00 $4.95
    Sea Shell Cameo Carved Souvenir of Washington D.C.
    This is a wonderful real sea shell carved with to read "Souvenir of Washington D.C.". I believe it is circa 1940s - 50s. It is 3" long and in perfect condition.
    $38.00 $8.50
    Plaque of The Home of Washington
    This is a wonderful composition plaque circa 1940s - 50s. The caption reads "The Home of Washington at Mount Vernon''. Size is 10" x 7". The condition is very good just some very slight wear.
    $18.00 $7.50
    Colorful Bermuda Lucite Paper Weigh Light catcher
    This is a delightful vintage 1970's - 80's piece. It is a wonderful clear lucite block with a hand carved a Palm Tree pattern and with awonderful rainbow backing. This piece is 3" by 2" and is in pefect condition with light wear and a couple of fine scratches.
    $16.99 $5.25
    This is a giant 7 inch long green plastic pen. It says "A present from DUBLIN". It has 4 changeable ink crtridges. Ink is dry but and I see one tiny crack in the plastic cap section. It is hard to tell the age but, I would guess it is a 1960's-70's piece.
    $9.00 $5.95